payne’s grey (2004)


portfolio of 12 prints
12″ vinyl record
60 x 60 cm
edition of 75

Published by major art-publisher Hatje Cantz Verlag in 2004, this is an artist book chronicling the project Payne’s Grey –  a gesamtkunstwerk which included a myriad of monochrome works on paper and canvas, as well as performances and poetry in connection with a musical album titled ‘Past Perfect Future Tense’ – Furuholmen’s first solo album (2004). The project was first Exhibited and performed at Henie Onstad Art Centre in Norway, and the book was published in 2 different editions, of which the ‘collector’s edition’ includedsa 12” vinyl featuring a sonic collage sourced from audio-files of the original recordings. All texts by the artist.

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